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Breaking Away from ‘The Man’

I’d like to share another entry from my GridSpy Blog about how it is harder than you think to transition to full-time.

Life got very interesting one and a half months ago. I had a meeting with my employer where he sat me down and asked me if GridSpy was ready to survive without my salary. Essentially he asked me if I was ready to leave and take GridSpy full-time. Being an VC funded entrepreneur himself he knew how hard it is to make that initial leap into full-time start-up and gave me a gentle nudge “out of the nest.”

After that meeting my mind was racing. My wife and I agreed that taking GridSpy full-time was absolutely exciting but equally frightening. We’ve been tightening our belts for some time to get ready for bootstrapping but even we don’t know how soon GridSpy will transition from a ‘sure thing’ to a trading business. I assured her that I could land on my feet with a contracting job should the money run out.

So with much trepidation I decided that it indeed was the time to leave.

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